Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frantic Thoughts from the Airport

As I sit here in the airport awaiting my flight to Newark, NJ and then to Buenos Aires, I am frantically trying to occupy my nervous mind with writing. 

Side thought: have you ever realized how beautiful writing is? Once it's put down to paper or on the Internet screen it becomes such a valuable representation and lasting impression of the author. It's taking their most intimate belongings, their thoughts, and putting them to words, and sometimes even giving other people the beauty to understand them as well. That is why I'm so honest when it comes to blogging; I want you to be able to take a second and see life from my eyes, to try to begin to understand the numerous facets of myself, that sometimes until I write down, I don't even know I possess. Writing is honest, or it should be. It's so powerful to allow people to connect, and that's why honesty is so important. You never know when you story could help someone else put some pieces together of their own.

Well there ya have it, semi sentimental thoughts from my racing mind. I'm nervous, yes, very nervous. I'm nervous that when I step off the plane in buenos aires I'm going to be so overwhelmed that I'm just going to burst. But, as many of you know, I will probably be perfectly fine and that's pretty much just my anxiety speaking for me. And to cure that, I got a smoothie. (Fun fact: smoothies are my natural form of antidepressants/antianxiety medications. They seriously make me instantly zen.) 

*also a totally appropriate opportunity to use the word "zen."

Thank goodness I have two Andrea Gibson books, a "wreck this journal," two novels, and 5 new albums on my phone to listen to to chill all of these totally obnoxious cognitions. 

*also totally appropriate opportunity to use the word "cognitions."

By the time this 15 hour journey is over who knows what kind of treats you would be left with without all of those handy time-killers. 

Also don't judge me for being a 20 year old traveling with a stuffed bunny and a monsters university blanket. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Oh me oh my, wish me luck!

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