Wednesday, June 19, 2013

24 Hours Until Departure

Hola everyone!

The countdown is just about over and it's official; in about 24 hours I will be waiting in the Buffalo airport for my flight to Newark, and then off to Buenos Aires. I'm not sure that it has set in yet that I'm leaving. It's like I've been ignoring the countdown and just have been living my life as if I'm not about to leave for almost 5 months. I'm really, really good at that--ignoring and pushing away all anticipation of big changes, so when they hit me it's not until I'm already waist deep and have forgotten how to swim. (I think that skill was a byproduct of trying to have no expectations).

With that said, it probably won't hit me until  I step off the plane in Buenos Aires, and find my way to my luggage that I'm not just there for a vacation, I'm there to recreate my life for a while, and I have lots to do before I can head back to America.

This is what I have recently found out and basically all I know of what I'm stepping in to:

  1. My host family is a mother and a father with three grown children of their own, who are also married, with children. 
  2. They life 7 blocks from the university (Universidad de Belgrano).
  3. They are hosting more than one international student, so I will basically have the hassle of making my first friend taken care of. 
  4. On Monday I will meet the CCIS (the program I'm going with) program coordinator for coffee at 9AM and then I will be off to my placement test at 10AM. 

And that's the extent of what I know about my soon-to-be Argentine life.

I'm real excited at this point though, which is a relief because just 2 months ago I was standing in the Study Abroad office at school contemplating whether or not this is the right thing for me. This is absolutely what I need to be doing, and when I need to be doing it.

That's all for now, stay tuned for my first (probably frantic) post from Buenos Aires!

All of the love,

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